Relax in the dental chair with sedation dentistry and calming spa features…

The word “dentistry” is not usually combined with words such as “relaxed,” “calming,” “comfortable,” or “zen.”   When most people think of the word “dentistry,” they think “unpleasant,” maybe for some even “pain,” “anxiety and fear,” “avoidance.”

Do you normally just deal with tooth and jaw pain instead of going to see your dentist? Does the idea of getting your teeth cleaned fill your entire body with anxiety and fear?  I am here to say, “Fear No More!” Dr. Hahn and Dr. Driscoll at Rhoades Family Dentistry are aware and are very understanding of dental fears and phobias.  This is why our we offer sedation dentistry as a way to achieve your dental treatment goals and not experience anything that seems scary.  Sedation dentistry uses medication to help our patients relax in order to feel comfortable and calm during dental procedures. Anxiety can skyrocket with just a simple thought or sound. We don’t want those anxieties to stop you from getting your perfect smile. Thanks to sedation dentistry we are able to provide all of our patients with a calm and relaxing environment that will allow them to keep up with their routine cleanings and treatments. You have a wide selection of options with sedation dentistry.

Rest assured, Dr. Hahn and Dr. Driscoll have made relaxation dentistry the only way things are done at Rhoades Family Dentistry. When you enter our state-of-the-art office, you will sense the calm right away as you are warmly greeted by our friendly staff.  We know that people need a distraction, and will offer a list of movies or radio stations to pick from. You will find a nice chilled, infused water dispenser sitting up on the front desk, filled with fruit or cucumbers for you to sip on. Once you are walked back to your room and acquainted with the office, our hygienist or dental assistant will offer you a Comfort Menu.  This is a list offering several complementary calming, relaxing spa items available to you during your appointment. While you get your treatment, you can choose to enjoy our Bose noise-cancelling headphones, a memory foam neck pillow, a lavender-scented eye pillow, an ice pack, a heat pack, comfortable leg supports and a warm blanket. You will also find soothing lip balm, a cleansing face towelette and bottled water on the menu. Aside from our comfort menu, Rhoades Family Dentistry has many calming options we can offer you if you feel your dental anxiety is high.   Sedation dentistry is worth investigating if you have any extreme dental fears, anxiety or pain.  Nitrous Oxide is available as well.  Our doctors care about constantly improving the experience for patients, and continue to research and invest in products and equipment that are better for patients – such as quieter drills, computer-automated impressions that help with gagging response, and pain-free dentistry options.

Nitrous Oxide: What is Nitrous Oxide (N20)? It is a gas that you will simply breathe through your nose. It is an inhalation sedation that is commonly referred to as laughing gas. N20 only takes seconds to begin working and will completely wear off in 5 minutes so that you are able to drive yourself home. How does Nitrous Oxide work? You place a small nose mask on that will administer N20. These come in many sweet smells that you can choose from. This is the most popular sedation option with Rhoades Family Dentistry patients. Our patients of all ages enjoy the sweet smell and the calm, comfortable feeling they get once the N20 treatment begins. Nitrous Oxide is fantastic for patients in pain, anxiety, nervousness or who have strong gag reflexes. It has a slight anesthetic effect, particularly in children.  Through the use of Nitrous Oxide we have been able to drastically reduce the number of children who must have injections when they need fillings.

Oral Sedation: What is Oral Sedation? It is a pill taken by mouth that is prescribed by the dentist and taken before the dental appointment. Oral sedation can range from minimal to moderate depending on the dose given. Some patients get so relaxed from oral sedation that they take a little nap during their treatment. This form of sedation is great for patients with a higher fear of anxiety and nervousness and great for pain free procedures.  You will need someone to drive you to and from your appointment.

IV Sedation: What is IV Sedation? This is a sedative drug that you receive through a vein and starts working immediately. We work closely with an experienced nurse anesthetist when IV sedation is needed.  You will have no memory of your visit, but you will be breathing on your own and no breathing tube is needed. IV sedation does cause drowsiness after treatment. Our patients that choose this sedation option need to plan on having someone pick them up after the appointment. We are very lucky that we are able to offer IV sedation dentistry to our patients. This form of sedation is amazing for our patients with very high fear, nervousness and anxiety.

I think we can change the way you view your next dental experience! With our fun, relaxed environment, our friendly staff and our comfort menu that is stocked with soothing items…. you will be able to describe your dental experience as relaxed, calm and comfortable. Through our range of sedation options, you will find relaxation and serenity during your dental appointments.