Be Royal with your Invisalign and Smile in January
“Be Royal KC” was a popular phrase here  this past baseball season. Now it’s winter, and we all have the baseball blues.  No more baseball until April!  What to do to pass the time?  This weekend, Olathe Kansas Invisalign providers, Dr. Hahn, Dr. Driscoll and the rest of our staff at Rhoades Family Dentistry want you to know that the baseball blues can end.  We can be Royal again!  See Blue again!  We can go to the Royals FanFest, hosted at Bartle Hall and bask in blue.

Let’s Go Royals!  Let’s Go Royals!  *clap, clap, clap, clap, clap

If you follow Rhoades Family Dentistry on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, you know we love dentistry.  You also know we LOVE our Kansas City Royals.  We supported our team and had every game playing in our reception area this past season.  We wore ROYAL BLUE on game days, had contests for our patients to have a chance to win Royals game day tickets, we had work outings at the ball game… WE LOVE THE ROYALS!

We were just checking out the map of the FanFest this weekend and realizing how our patients with Invisalign may have a leg up over patients with braces at this event.  The map shows where the baseball diamond for the kids to play on is at, where mom and dad can grab a “cold one,” where kiddos can grab a bite to eat, and where players will be giving autographs.   Pizza, bar food, nuts, sweets, and cotton candy are all part of the fun food treats this year.   If you have Invisalign, you have the luxury of removing your trays to partake in some of these baseball yummies that your friends with braces may not be able to enjoy yet.  If packing your toothbrush and floss isn’t one of the items you will be packing in your bag… don’t forget to brush extra well once you get home!  Just don’t forget all the sugars from the yummy FanFest will be sitting on your pretty smile and in between your teeth trying to gather bacteria.

If you have the chance to get down to Bartle Hall and visit the Royals FanFest this weekend, make sure you support your bright Rhoades Family Dentistry Smile!