Many of our patients find that their appointments seem to go faster and be more enjoyable when they have some entertainment. We have a great selection of DVDs for children, teens, and adults available that you may browse and select from before your visit if you’d like. You are always welcome to bring your own favorites in for your appointments as wel. If you’d prefer music, we offer every genre out there, and headphones are available if you feel that helps you “drown out” any sounds you find distasteful.


101 Dalmations (G)
A Bug’s Life Kids (G)
Aladdin (G)
Alice in Wonderland (G)
Aristocrats (G)
Barney: I Love You (G)
Beauty and the Beast (G)
Bedtime Stories (G)
Beverly Hills Chihuahua (G)
Bolt (G)
Cars (G)
Charlotte’s Web Kids (G)
Dora’s Out Of This World Adventure (G)
Dumbo (G)
Elmo’s World: What Makes You Happy? (G)
Finding Nemo (G)
Fox and the Hound (G)
High School Musical (G)
Ice Age (G)
Jungle Book (G)
Madagascar (G)
Madagascar 2: Escape to Africa (G)
Meet the Robinsons (G)
Monsters, Inc. (G)
Peter Pan (G)
Pinocchio (G)
Princess Bride (G)
Ratatouille (G)
Robin Hood (G)
Sleeping Beauty (G)
Sleeping Beauty (G)
Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (G)
Sponge Bob: The Big One (G)
Sword In the Stone (G)

Sword in the Stone (G)
Tarzan (G)
The Incredibles (G)
The Lion King (G)
The Little Mermaid (G)
Thomas the Train: Totally Thomas (G)
Toy Story (G)
Wall.E (G)
A River Runs Through It (PG)
Eight Below (PG)
Grumpier Old Men (PG)
Grumpy Old Men (PG)
Happy Feet (PG)
Ice Age 2: The Meltdown (PG)
Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (PG)
Night at the Museum (PG)
Night at the Museum 2 (PG)
Over the Hedge (PG)
Racing Stripes (PG)
Scooby Doo: Monsters Unleashed (PG)
Scooby Doo: The Movie (PG)
Shrek (PG)
Three Amigos (PG)
Up (PG)
13 Going on 30 (PG-13)
Armageddon (PG-13)
Best In Show (PG-13)
Black Sheep (PG-13)
Bring it On (PG-13)
Catch Me if You Can (PG-13)
Chicago (PG-13)
Christmas Vacation (PG-13)
Dumb and Dumber (PG-13)
European Vacation (PG-13)

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (PG-13)
Out Cold (PG-13)
Sixteen Candles (PG-13)
Son in Law (PG-13)
Strange Brew (PG-13)
Talladega Nights (PG-13)
The Aviator (PG-13)
The Dark Knight (PG-13)
The Fast and the Furious (PG-13)
Tommy Boy (PG-13)
Top Gun (PG-13)
Transformers (PG-13)
Twilight (Pg-13)
Vegas Vacation (PG-13)
Apaloosa (R)
Blazing Saddles (R)
Braveheart (R)
Caddyshack (R)
Carlos Mencia: No Strings Attached (R)
Dane Cook: Vicious Circle (R)
Flashdance (R)
Fletch (R)
I Love You, Man (R)
Little Miss Sunshine (R)
Love Actually (R)
Old School (R)
Revenge of the Nerds (R)
Revenge of the Nerds (R)
Superbad (R)
The Birdcage (R)
The Gladiator (R)
The Hangover (R)
The Patriot (R)
Vacation (R)
Waiting for Guffman (R)
Waitress (R)
And More!

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