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Christmas is Around the Corner…

Tooth whitening makes a great gift – take advantage of these specials for someone dear to you!

We offer different options for every individual – from an easy 3 minute-a-day (14 days) whitening kits to the more powerful in-office treatments.  LumiBrite whitening products are made by the creators of Lumineers(R), and deliver a powerful, pain-free result.

Our in-office LumiBrite whitening process gives the greatest and most noticeable results, without causing any tooth sensitivity.  You get to relax and enjoy a movie or your favorite tunes while spending 30 minutes (and up to 90 minutes) under the patented, powerful Sapphire(R) light that activates your whitening agents.  We place a tooth desensitizer simultaneously, as it helps to reduce sensitivity while rebuilding your own enamel to be even stronger.  You will see up to a NINE shade improvement the same day!

Our take-home LumiBrite treatment is worn in a custom-made tray for 3 minutes a day, for 14 days, giving you the control over shade changes.   Simple and effective, you can whiten up your smile at your leisure.

We also carry Professional Strength Crest(R) White Strips, which are worn for 30 minutes a day, and deliver 21 treatments.  While the result is typically great, patients do sometimes report having to spread their treatments out to decrease sensitivity.

Anti-sensitivity treatments are available for those who are concerned about sensitivity associated with whitening, although our patients are reporting no problems with sensitivity after using the LumiBrite products.  The professional strength bleaching agents we use today are strong enough that we want to keep the gingival tissue protected, hence the reason behind making custom trays. This gives our patients the best results and the least sensitivity during the process.

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