We believe our success in helping children have easy, happy appointments is directly linked to our multi-faceted approach to pediatric dental treatment.

Everything from our attitude toward, language used, to the equipment and modern amenities we use helps us treat them like the precious people we believe they are.

We do NOT cause children any pain at dental visits, although at times, children will react as though something we have to do is painful until they realize it was indeed their anticipation or expectation of pain that made them react. We understand this can be tough for parents to interpret; but we will never intentionally hurt a child. We have many practice techniques that allow us to ensure the child is not actually feeling any pain. We employ sedation techniques when appropriate, use in-chair entertainment to occupy the mind, and use positive reinforcement and the “show, tell, do” methods at most appointments.

We do NOT continue a visit if a child starts to lose their patience, is cranky or tired to the point of obstinacy, or if their anxiety level rises to a level we feel will leave them with a bad memory of the dentist. This can require some understanding from the parents’ perspective – we value your time and know you are busy, but please realize we are acting in the best interests of the child if we choose to reschedule a dental visit. Please feel comfortable canceling an appointment if you feel your child is not in a good state of mind to visit us on that particular day.