About Our Team

Dr. Amy Rhoades Hahn

Dr. Hahn is originally from Olathe, and eventually chose to follow in her father’s and grandfather’s footsteps to continue their legacy of practice in dentistry. She attended Saint Thomas Aquinas High School, and then went on to KU to study Biology. She chose the School of Dentistry at University of Missouri-Kansas City for her Doctorate of Dental Surgery. There she spent four years tolerating that Mizzou hostility toward her devout Jayhawk loyalties (among many other activities!) before graduating in 2006. Dr. Hahn’s interests outside taking care of patients include: spending time with her four children, Hadley, Henry, Frankie & Fiona, advocating for victims of domestic violence, advocating for adoption, fitness and health via The Bar Method and yoga practice, KU basketball, volunteering, aviation, anything outdoors, reading, tech geekishness and gadgetry, playing practical jokes, and having lots of fun!  Dr. Hahn is also a member of the American Dental Association, Academy of General Dentistry, Kansas Dental Associations, the Flying Dentists Association, American Academy of Women Dentists, American Association of Pediatric Dentistry, and American Society of Dentistry for Children.

Dr. Hahn is available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and alternating Mondays and Fridays.


Stacy – Dental Assistant

Stacy has been a top notch dental assistant for over 20 years, and spent 15 of them working at Rhoades Family Dentistry before she changed careers in 2007…But she’s back!! She rejoined the team in 2013 and many of our longtime patients were so glad to see here again. She has such a knack for helping people feel that they are cared for, you’ll be happy to have her back, too.


Faith – Patient Coordinator

This is the sweet and friendly face you are greeted by when you check-in for your appointments!  Faith is the point guard for all patient visits – she makes sure you have everything you need and are comfortable and acquainted right from the start at your first visit, and each time you return.   She has the smile to make you feel you’re right at home!

Lauren – Treatment Coordinator

Lauren is your plan-maker, helping strategize your dental treatment to work in your best interest – both for your health, and your budget.  She is bright and savvy to what will work for you, and is friendly to boot!  You can count on her to give you the time you need for figuring your best game plan.


Dr. Ray Rhoades

Dr. Ray officially retired on May 17, 2012 after an impressive 35 year career practicing dentistry in Olathe. While we will miss him, he is keeping busy enjoying his free time! Thanks for all you’ve done for each of us over the years, Dr. Ray!


Dr. Rachel Pitts Driscoll

Dr. Driscoll grew up in Bolivar, a small town in Southwest Missouri. She and Dr. Hahn were classmates and friends in dental school at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Dr. Driscoll completed the 6-year BA/DDS program at UMKC in 2006, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Doctorate of Dental Surgery. She went on to complete an Advanced Education General Dentistry residency at the University of Michigan. During her residency, Dr. Driscoll received extensive training in all aspects of dentistry, with a focus on esthetics and advanced restorative procedures. Aside from taking care of patients, Dr. Driscoll enjoys spending time with her husband and their son, snowboarding, water skiing, tennis, reading, dental seminars, cooking, and eating good food. Dr. Driscoll is a member of the American Dental Association, the Academy of General Dentistry, and the International Association of Orthodontics.

Dr. Driscoll is available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and alternating Mondays and Fridays.

Kelley – Dental Hygienist

Kelley has the best energy and ability to brighten your day! She’s been a dental hygienist for over 20 years, and it is definitely her calling, she’s the best! She works with us part time, and we love having her here – you will too!

Angie – Dental Assistant

Angie is a warm, caring person who takes great care of all patients when they are here for their treatment. She has over 12 years of experience as an assistant, and is well-versed at helping people conquer their distaste for the dentist. She is the queen of 80s/90s movie quotes, songs, and general trivia knowledge.

Maggie – Scheduling Coordinator

Margarita, more commonly called “Maggie,” fills our missing piece of the puzzle.  She is a bundle of good energy that helps fire us up and maintain our sanity around here!  She is the person to get things done, solve problems, and make systems better, faster, and easier for all.  We can’t imagine life without her! 

Angie – Treatment Coordinator

Angelica, more commonly called “Angie,” is our in-house systems analyst, helping organize and educate patients on their insurance benefits, payment plan options, and treatment options.  She is most knowledgeable with all the craziness that is the insurance industry, and is the go-to for finance questions.  She has been with us since 2007, and we hope she sticks around until we retire!!

Heather – Dental Hygienist

Heather is so kind and easygoing, you can’t help but feel comfortable with her! She joined us in Winter of 2012 when she relocated to Kansas City, and has been an awesome hygienist for over 10 years. She is a dedicated fitness guru, traveler, and magnet for fun.

Kari – Dental Hygienist 

Kari went to dental hygiene school at UMKC with one of our former dental assistants whom we adored; so she came with excellent endorsement credentials!  She is smart and dedicated, fun, kind, and gentle with her patients.   We love her and we know you will, too.

Corrie – Creative Director

Corrie joined our office in August of 2010, and brings fun and professionalism to the office. She had previous experience working in insurance, and has jumped right in to dentistry with a knack for helping out. She is the office fashionista, animal rescuer, and interior designer, and makes sure there is always enough glitter.

Stephanie – Dental Assistant

Steph is an incredibly gifted dental assistant that joined the team in 2015 – she filled in for Angie on maternity leave, and we liked her so much, we asked her to stick around forever!  She is a lively, thoughtful, detailed, talented person that takes impeccable care to be sure patients have the best experience possible.

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