Can I Use My Cell Phone in the Dental Office??

Everyone is connected to their cell phones. We are talking, texting, gaming on sites like 벳엔드 환전, and searching on them constantly, it seems. We use them while we are at the restaurant, the movie theaters, shopping in a store, in the waiting room for our next appointment – we are always engaged.

Here at Rhoades Family Dentistry, we see many patients all day long. Most of our patients that come in the office use their cell phone at least once during their dental visit. Do we mind? Nope, not at all. Cell phone etiquette is a topic that has been played on the news, discussed at school, worried about in homes, and is debated over and over on MSN, on business websites, CNN, in magazines – they have all touched on this subject. Signs posted in offices, on the screen at the theaters, on airplanes and in hospitals have recommendation of cell phone usage allowance. Movie theaters have made a mini show just about phone etiquette. Obviously, this is not the place we should be on our cell phones. Businesses either don’t mind us using our phones or they don’t want us using them at all.

When you come to Rhoades Family Dentistry, we want you to feel comfortable. We want you to relax. If that means gaming, working, searching, texting, playing on your cell phone – do it! We don’t mind. Dr. Hahn’s office in Olathe is a free Wifi Hotspot. We understand that cell phones help us continue working while we are away from the office. We love that you are able to stay in touch with family and friends while you are getting your dental needs cared for – we get it! If you want to check out Rhoades Family Dentistry’s website or our Facebook , Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or Google Plus page – we think you should! Don’t forget the dental chair SELFIE! The dental chair Selfie is a must, a bucket list do! Make sure if you get that amazing Selfie to post it, #hashtag it and tag Rhoades Family Dentistry! We would also LOVE for you to post that awesome review you have from your visit on Google!  Our Google Reviews are so important to our office.  They are also very helpful for other patients.

Use that Cell Phone and call Rhoades Family Dentistry today to get your next appointment set up.  Don’t forget to snap that Selfie!

Smile on, cell phone users! We look forward to talking/texting/gaming with you soon!

~ Your Olathe Wifi Hotspot & Dental Office!