Share the LOVE this Valentine’s Day with Cavity-Free Ideas and Invisalign



Having a hard time trying to figure out what to gift that someone special in your life this Valentine’s Day?  What about yourself… would you like to give yourself a bright and happy gift this year?   We have the perfect gift idea for you…. Share a Smile!  That is right, share a smile with the one you love.

Why not give the gift of Invisalign? If you or your sweetheart has always wanted to improve their smile, Invisalign is fast, effective, and more kissable than braces!

We share smiles all day – Now, let us share the LOVE with you!  Looking for sweets that are more “tooth friendly”, maybe looking for something a bit more healthy?  How about something that isn’t edible at all?  We have some yummy recipes and fun ideas that can replace some of the typical Valentine’s Day sweet clichés.  If you have kids that exchange sweet treats and candy at school but are looking for a better alternative , we have some fun ideas for you.

Cavity-Free Ideas:

imageToothbrush Valentine

  1.  Buy cheap toothbrushes from a dollar store
  2. Cut out Pink, Purple and Red hearts from construction paper
  3. Print on the cutouts:  “I can’t SMILE without you!” Happy Valentine’s Day
  4. Put a hole punch in each heart
  5. Feed the ribbon through the hole on the heart and tie to the toothbrush




Hand Sanitizer Valentine


  1. Buy mini hand sanitizer
  2. Print on colored paper: “No Cooties… Just cuties!” Happy Valentine’s Day
  3. Put a hole punch in each note card
  4. Feed the ribbon through the hole on the heart and tie to the sanitizer




Lip Balm Valentineimage

  1. Buy lip balm from a dollar store
  2. Print on colored paper: “Valentine, You’re the Balm! Happy Valentine’s Day”
  3. Put a hole punch  in each note card
  4. Feed the ribbon through the hole on the hart and tie to the lip balm




Guilt-Free Ideas:

Dark Chocolate-Filled Raspberriesimage

  1. Buy raspberries and dark chocolate chips
  2. Rinse the berries with water and pat them dry
  3. Fill raspberries with the chocolate chips
  4. Enjoy



Red Pepper & Hummusimage

  1. Buy red peppers and hummus
  2. Wash peppers and cut with a knife into a heart
  3. Place heart pepper on a plate
  4. Write LOVE with hummus
  5. Put extra hummus and pepper scraps on a separate plate to enjoy



There are so many countless benefits to having a beautiful smile, not to mention boosting self-confidence.  Giving flowers is fun, but they die.  Chocolate and candy just puts on the pounds, but giving someone a SMILE – now that is a gift that will impact your sweetheart for the rest of their life.  Call RFD today and let us help you give the best Valentine’s Day gift to your someone special.

For more Valentine’s Day treats, exchanges and meals check out our Rhoades Family Dentistry Pinterest page.  You can find Pink Pasta, Pink Smoothies, Pink Frozen Yogurt Dots, Pink Fruit Wands, and so much more that we have pinned.

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