The day has come – Rhoades Family Dentistry has reopened for appointments with all patients! We are so thrilled to get back to the business of keeping you and your mouth healthy. As always, the health and safety of our patients and staff is RFD’s top priority.

A number of new procedures and processes are in place at our office to ensure a safe environment for all patients and staff members. These changes are in accordance with the guidelines that have been created by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), American Dental Association (ADA), and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). During this strange time, Drs. Hahn and Driscoll are proud to deliver the quality care you expect, in a compassionate and safe environment.

The New Normal

Are you wondering what to expect from your visit to the dentist? We’re here to answer your questions and explain the new procedures of our office. After you have called our office and scheduled an appointment, here’s a breakdown of what to expect at your visit:

  • Please arrive a few minutes before your appointment time and call the front desk to check-in. During this call, you will be pre-screened for symptoms of illness or possible exposure to the coronavirus.
  • Your car is now our waiting room! We will call you again when we are ready for you to head to the office doors. The doors will be locked to make sure no one accidentally wanders inside, and we are implementing a “No Touch” policy throughout the office. This means that a staff member will open the office door for you, and greet you to take your temperature before entering. A temperature of 100 degrees is too high to continue with your scheduled appointment.
  • Masks are required for your visit! Please wear one outside while your temperature is checked, and all throughout the office. It can be removed once you are in the exam room.
  • All patients will head from the front doors straight back to their exam room. The exam room will have been thoroughly disinfected before you enter.
  • When you enter the exam room, the next step is to thoroughly wash your hands for 30 seconds. We will then provide you with a peroxide oral rinse, which will help disinfect your mouth before dental work begins.

You will notice a few other changes in the office as well, such as the installation of a medical-grade air purification system and our staff’s additional protective gear (gowns, gloves, hair nets, two masks, etc.).

Additional Information:

  • Our operating hours are the same: Monday – Thursday from 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM, and Friday from 7:30 AM – Noon.
  • If you require help for a dental emergency, like a cracked tooth or broken dental work, we are likely available to help you the same day. Standard appointments and cleanings will need to be scheduled a few weeks in advance.
  • In an effort to minimize the number of people in the building, we ask that adults arrive alone for their appointment, and that only one adult accompanies a child for their appointment. We understand that circumstances can change, so if extra children will be present during an appointment we just ask that everyone remains together in the exam room.

One of our goals during this time is for our patients to feel comfortable and informed. If you have further questions, please give our friendly front desk staff a call and they will be happy to help you!

The Importance of Regular Dental Appointments

We can’t blame anyone for wondering, “We’re in a pandemic – I’ll just put off that visit to the dentist.” Promise, we’re not offended! However, we will be concerned for your health if you do not keep up with regular dental appointments.

Regular appointments (one visit approximately every six months) truly are crucial for your mouth and body’s overall health. During your appointment, your dentist or dental hygienist will do more than just clean your teeth and check the health of your gums. They will also examine your mouth for any indicators of oral cancer and diabetes, plus perform a head and neck exam to check for anything out of the ordinary. Your appointment is the ideal time to bring up questions you have about tooth pain or sensitivity, jaw pain, or issues with your bite or chewing. Proactive maintenance of your mouth’s health could save you a lot of time and discomfort in the long run!

Drs. Hahn and Driscoll, as well as the entire staff at Rhoades Family Dentistry, are your partners in best maintaining your health. As a local business, RFD is dedicated to serving our patients and community throughout this pandemic. Give our office a call to schedule your appointment – we are excited to welcome you back!