If you’re unhappy with the state of your smile, are experiencing tooth pain or discomfort, or are simply looking for a new home for your twice-annual cleanings, there’s no place like a full service dental office. These teams are equipped to handle just about any dental service you might need, including preventive, restorative, and cosmetic procedures. 

Considering that 20% of Americans avoid dentists due to anxiety, and up to 60% of patients report varying degrees of dental phobia, having a one-stop-shop for all dental needs can also help ease dental anxiety. From minor fillings to full dentures to a new set of braces, a full service dental office offers the most commonly sought-out dental services – all while helping you feel comfortable and confident with the same care team! Let’s look at these eight dental services and what you can expect from each at your full service dental office. 


Braces and Invisalign 

If you’re looking to fix a crooked smile, traditional braces, clear aligners, Invisalign, ceramic braces, and multiple other options are available. No matter your needs, a full service dental office will set you up with a solution to straighten your teeth – without interrupting your daily life. 



If you’re missing a majority of your lower and/or upper teeth, you may need to ask your dentist about implant-secured dentures or traditional dentures. Both consist of an arch of artificial teeth and give you the look and feel of a full set of teeth. Traditional dentures are removable, while implant-secured dentures are permanent. A full-service dental office can also assist if you need any extractions before getting your dentures, and in cases where it’s only a few teeth dental implants will be discussed as an option.


Professional Cleanings 

We encourage everyone to have regular dental checkups and professional cleanings once every six months, and more often if your dental team recommends it. This will help to detect any minor issues before they become emergencies! At home, we recommend brushing and flossing your teeth twice daily to help reduce the dental plaque that builds up on your teeth. A consistent at-home oral care routine can help make your professional cleanings go smoothly!  


Teeth Whitening  

Many at-home whitening options are for sale at your local pharmacy, but did you know you can also have whitening performed quickly and effectively in a full service dental office? 

Here at Rhoades, we offer different whitening options for every individual’s needs. Fom easy 30 minutes-a day (for up to 14 days) whitening kits for home use, to the more powerful in-office treatments, we help patients choose whichever option will deliver the powerful, pain-free result they are hoping for.



If you have multiple missing teeth next to each other, but dentures aren’t the right fit for you, then your dental care team may consider an implant-supported bridge. This dental service combines crowns with artificial teeth to permanently address your needs. 



Veneers can be a great solution for patients with crooked teeth or gaps. These thin shells are custom-made to fit your teeth and give your smile a symmetrical appearance. There are five different types of veneers to choose from, and a full service dental office can determine which will best suit your needs. Once cemented in place, some veneers can last up to fifteen years! 


Bonding and Fillings 

Both bonding and fillings can repair minor dental issues like cavities or chips. These dental services only require the molding of a natural colored, putty-like composite onto your teeth, the use of a UV light to harden this material in place, and a quick polish before you’re on your way. 



A dental crown can be made of multiple materials, like porcelain or acrylic. They’re most commonly used to cover the top of a new implant or to hold a cracked tooth together. At most full service dental offices, the placing of all on 4 dental implants will require two separate visits: one appointment to make an impression and another to place your permanent crown implant. 


Addressing All Your Needs 

Whether you’re looking for preventive, cosmetic, or restorative procedures, a full service dental office can meet your unique needs. While these are eight of the most commonly needed dental services, a quality, professional team will be able to also address other needs that might pop up. 

This is why it’s essential to establish and maintain a consistent schedule of twice-annual dental visits where a professional cleaning and exam will identify any potential problems.