We know how it goes when you’re busy with family activities — family dinners, family game time, family movie night, family vacations (you see the trend here). But have you considered adding family dental visits to the list? 


Not everything needs to be done together, but seeing a family dentist, like the on this great site, together can make a big difference. Why? Think: time saved in a busy schedule, calmed anxieties of little children, and setting your family up for a positive dental future. A family-focused dentist has it all! Let’s take a look at what family-friendly dentistry has to offer. 


What Is a Family Dentist? 


A family dentist specializes in treating people of all ages — from young children to seniors. Not only does a family dentist know the ins and outs of oral care, they will also focus on creating a family-friendly atmosphere. Some adults, but especially children, need an environment to help ease anxieties while also receiving outstanding oral care. 


Simplicity and Convenience 


Modern family life keeps families busy! With school and daycare during the day, soccer on Tuesday afternoon, dance class on Wednesdays, gymnastics Thursday night, family movie night on Friday, and any number of other happenings to fill in the gaps of our week, finding ways to lessen the chaos is a major goal! 


Simplify your routine by scheduling your whole family for dental visits with a family-focused dental office. When the whole family goes to the same dentist, scheduling appointments becomes much easier! Children can get routine cleanings on the same day (possibly at the same time), which means that you as the parent won’t be running around to different dental offices on different days for each child. 


In addition, dental services are now investing in a software such as the ones at https://cloud9.software/cloud-9-ortho/ for the convenience of their patients. Your chosen family dentist may already have this system.


Consistency and Comfortably 


Even for many adults, going to the dentist can be daunting. And since children are newer to the dentist, they are still learning what it’s all about. Laying in a dental chair under a bright light with those retro-looking sunglasses, strange buzzing sounds of the professional tools all around you, and a dental hygienist feeling around in your mouth are all previously unknown sensations to children, and can cause apprehension. 


If your children go to a separate dentist and dental office from other members of the family, they may feel alone in their dental experience. Going to a family dentist can really help to minimize these dental anxieties. In addition to seeing the same dentist each visit, and sometimes even the same hygienist, they will also see their other family members being treated by the same dental professionals. 


If the anxiety heightens in anticipation of their upcoming dental visit, the consistency can calm fears. Going to the same family-friendly dental office, getting treated by the same dental professional, and seeing their family members going through a similar routine allows your younger family members to feel comfortable in a dental setting. 


Family History and Proactivity 


One key advantage of seeing a family dentist is the benefit of the office having family dental records. Having access to these records allows dental professionals can see what issues (if any) may need to be addressed throughout the lifetime of the different family members, especially children. 


If the dentist knows that a parent has had past dental diseases, surgeries, allergies, or any sensitivities, they will be better prepared to watch for those to happen for the younger family members. Some dental issues are genetic and harder to treat later in life. Even more than that, knowing this, means that they will be working diligently to prevent these oral issues from happening.  


If the dentist notices new changes since your last dental visit, they will be able to treat any issues and symptoms that much sooner. A proactive approach to dentistry will benefit your oral health for the long term. 


Emergency and Availability


Heaven forbid a tooth gets knocked out at a sporting event, a filling falls out without warning or another dental emergency happens at a most inconvenient time, a family dentist is beneficial to have on hand.  


Dental emergencies are to be taken seriously to prevent further damage, which is why your family dentist will work to get an emergency dental appointment scheduled as soon as possible. This saves precious time and energy after a dental emergency occurs and prevents the need to call around to numerous dental offices trying to get in for an appointment. 


Finding a family dentist means that you and your family will be in hands you can trust. In any dental situation, you’ll feel better knowing your whole family will receive quality work in a familiar atmosphere. Book your family appointments today!