Don’t Wait Until It Hurts

Dr. Hahn has a favorite saying when it comes to your health, and she loves it so much she wants to make it into a bumper sticker so she can spread the word.  The saying is, “If you wait until it hurts, it’s too late.”  This unfortunately applies to most things in healthcare, yet waiting until something hurts is a widely used approach to dental care for lots of people.  Many don’t think about going to the Dentist until they experience some kind of pain that they can no longer ignore. Many more don’t realize, if it hurts – it’s oftentimes too late to have simple treatment.

Getting your teeth cleaned two times a year at Rhoades Family Dentistry will allow our Doctors and Hygienist to stay on top of your dental health, and fix problems when they are small and not yet painful. Let’s see, do we wait until our car runs out of gas before we refuel it? Most of us don’t live like that in hopes of avoiding any expensive inconveniences or damage to our cars. This is the same reason that regular preventive dental cleanings are beneficial and important to our oral health. Staying on a regular preventive cleaning schedule will also save you money in the future. Your semi-annual cleaning is more fun and more affordable than a cavity or root canal that you might need because you have skipped your cleaning and exams during the year.

In addition, by having Oral Cancer Screenings done once a year at a cleaning appointments, you will allow our Dentists to see if there is anything cancerous, pre-cancerous or other oral diseases around your mouth, face, and neck. Having this done before you experience pain – could save your life!

Even if making a trip into Rhoades Family Dentistry, isn’t convenient, remember- preventive care is much more affordable than restorative care. Plus, it could save your life!

Don’t Forget to call Rhoades Family Dentistry at  (913) 782-8900 and schedule your cleaning today!

Please Don’t Wait Until It Hurts!