No matter what age you are, proper dental care is essential. Although most dental care is pretty universal, there are some differences between how we care for children’s teeth versus adults’ teeth.

At Rhoades Family Dentistry, we want to make sure that your child feels comfortable whenever they come to the dentist. While you can expect to find similar care for your child as you would for yourself, here are some important things to know when taking your child to the dentist.

How Does Dental Care for Children Differ from Adult Dental Care?

Kids’ dental care may require a little more patience than adult dental care. Although the general goal is the same—checking dental health and taking care of any problems that arise—the appointment may feel different for children.

Adult dental care is more straightforward because adults are experienced in going to the dentist regularly. When adults go to the dentist, dentists check permanent teeth and gums to make sure they are healthy.

The experience at a dentist who understands working with children is friendlier. Children need a little bit more care and understanding. The office setting at a family dentist is kid-friendly, and dental equipment is smaller and made for a child’s mouth.

Dental care for children is focused on ensuring that baby teeth are healthy and growing correctly. Baby teeth lay the foundation for permanent teeth, and if they aren’t taken care of properly, problems can arise and carry over to permanent teeth later on in life.

Children are also more prone to cavities and tooth loss, so dentists recommend other preventative treatments like sealants, fluoride treatment, and space maintainers.

Finally, dentists teach children proper oral health and dental care by showing them techniques for brushing and flossing. In addition, they encourage healthy eating habits to maintain tooth enamel and prevent decay from occurring. Dentists also help break bad habits that are detrimental to oral health long-term, like thumb sucking.

How Are Children’s Dental Care and Adult Dental Care the Same?

When it comes to similarities between children and adults, dental care basics are the same. Your family dentist will make recommendations for maintaining proper oral health at home with brushing and flossing. They will also recommend that you and your children have regular check-ups at the dentist about every six months.

It’s also important for both children and adults to maintain a healthy diet. Eating foods that are high in vitamins not only helps your overall health but your dental health as well. Cutting back on foods with a lot of sugar or acidity is essential to keep your teeth healthy no matter your age.

4 Ways Rhoades Family Dentistry Helps Kids with Oral Health

Rhoades Family Dentistry is committed to ensuring that your kids are taken care of when they come to the dentist. There are many ways that we help children with their oral health.

1. Promoting Proper Care

We recommend that you start bringing your child to the dentist around 12 to 18 months of age when their baby teeth have started to come in. At this point, we just want to get your child comfortable being at the dentist.

We want your child to have a good understanding of the basics of oral health by encouraging daily brushing and flossing. We also promote proper nutrition to ensure your child’s teeth aren’t overly exposed to sugars that cause tooth decay.

2. Providing an Array of Services

At Rhoades Family Dentistry, we provide a range of dental services, including cleanings, preventative care, cavity prevention, braces, implants, whitening, and so much more. So even as your child gets older, we have an array of services to help keep their teeth clean and healthy.

3. Creating a Comfortable Environment

We interact one-on-one with your child to make sure they feel comfortable and that their experience at the dentist is positive. We want to create a fun, calming environment so that they can see that there’s nothing to be afraid of during their appointment. We talk through our methods and what our equipment does, so your child is clear on what is going on at all times.

We also provide entertainment for your child during their dentist appointments. TV shows and music can make their visit more enjoyable and distract from scary noises and procedures.

4. Behavior Modifications

Every child is unique, and sometimes it takes some adjustments to make sure each child feels safe and comfortable at their appointment. To avoid any unnecessary stress, we do not continue any appointment where a child feels anxious, upset, or overly tired. We also guarantee that your child will feel no pain, and we use different methods such as sedation or distraction to avoid hurting them.

Are you looking for a child-friendly dentist for your kids? At Rhoades Family Dentistry, we specialize in all general dental services that meet your family’s needs, including those for your children. Contact us today at 913-782-8900 to schedule an appointment.