People often see yellow teeth as a blaring warning sign. Is he or she a smoker? Eww, I bet they have bad breath! I bet they haven’t brushed their teeth in a month! This is a big turn-off and can inhibit your chances of success. Your teeth make a lasting first impression, so whether you are going for an interview, meeting someone for the first time or just walking down the street, it is important to have a bright, winning smile.

Most people have probably tried some form of over-the-counter whitening products at some point in time. You may have seen minor results, but not the type of results you will see with a professional strength bleaching agent. Over-the-counter products are also not as safe as those found in a dental office. Overuse or misuse of whitening products can cause damage to your teeth. Professional whitening treatments ensure that your teeth remain strong and healthy during the whitening process.

To give you some more information about why a dentist is the best option for teeth whitening treatments, we put together a list of important facts that you need to know!

Why You Should Let a Professional Whiten Your Teeth

You May Need Additional Treatment – There may be an underlying problem causing your teeth to be discolored. If you have dark spots, this could mean that your tooth has a cavity or a problem with the root canal. Yellow teeth can be caused by certain diseases. Metabolic diseases and genetic defects, such as dentinogenesis, can affect the color of the tooth. Before you spend money on teeth-whitening products, it makes sense to find out what’s causing the discoloration and whether or not the whitening treatments are likely to work. When you visit the dental office, you’ll get a complete exam to determine whether you have any issues. If problems are found, they can be taken care of before treatment is begun. Your dentist can determine if teeth whitening treatment will help your teeth, and if so, prescribe the right dosage of treatment for your specific needs.

You Can Damage Your Teeth with Too Much Whitening – Excessive whitening can damage teeth. As with all chemicals, whitening solutions come with instructions that must be followed. Not doing so can lead to teeth sensitivity, gum irritation, uneven whiteness and if you have a cavity, as mentioned above, you could do serious damage that will possibly lead to a root canal. Teeth whitening is safe when done appropriately and letting a professional help you will ensure that your teeth remain healthy while getting brighter. Your dentist will help you determine the specific kind of whitening that will be of the most benefit to you.

Your Dentist Has Options Available for Individual Needs Most dentists offer a variety of whitening treatments. These treatments are offered based on your specific needs and your desired whiteness. We offer the following teeth whitening options:

  • LumiBrite Take-Home Treatment: Custom trays are made to fit your teeth. The dentist will send home the whitening kit for you to use at your convenience. You will use the trays for three minutes a day for two weeks. The custom trays and professional bleaching agents protect your teeth and minimize tooth sensitivity.
  • LumiBrite In-Office Treatment: LumiBrite uses a powerful, intense light to activate the ingredients of a tooth whitening agent that is placed on the teeth. Over the next thirty to ninety minutes, the whitening agents will penetrate the enamel, leaving noticeable results on the same day as treatment. A tooth desensitizer is also placed on the teeth during treatment to reduce sensitivity.
  • Professional Strength Crest White Strips: While you can get regular Crest White Strips over-the-counter, the professional strength sold by dentists are stronger and more effective. The strips are placed over the teeth for thirty minutes a day. It is recommended to use the strips for 21 days, alternating days if needed for sensitivity.

Don’t let yellow, discolored teeth stop you from killing it at your next interview or scoring a second date with a total hottie. Professional teeth whitening systems are cheaper and provide superior results when compared to over-the-counter products. Letting your dentist oversee your whitening efforts will ensure that you won’t have to worry about sensitivity to hot or cold, uneven whiteness or unexpected damage to your teeth. All you will get is a beautiful, show-stopping smile without the complications that can arise from unsupervised whitening.